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Japanese Tea Promotion at UNIQLO Flag shop in Berlin

As part of the Thanks Festivities held at UNIQLO Shop Berlin last May 28, we were in charge of a Japanese tea presentation and offered tea tastings to hundreds of people.

Did you know that green tea has many benefits? 

More than 400 proven health benefits have been cited for green tea.

One of the most commonly mentioned is that its antioxidant properties inhibit inflammation in the body parts, which is expected to have an anti-aging effect and is good for beauty. Of course, this is valid if the drink is taken according to traditional methods and does not contain sugar or other ingredients.

In this meaning, incorporating green tea as a daily drink is a very well-designed beverage that allows the body to efficiently harvest the good ingredients. It is also believed to be effective in preventing cancer.

去る5月28日、ユニクロ ショップベルリン店で開催した感謝祭フェスティヴァルの催しの一環で、弊社は日本茶のプレゼンテーションを担当し、数百人の方々にお茶の試飲を提供しました。





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