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Live- Streaming Program ''baking sweets with Gluten-Free japanese Rice flour''

At the end of Jan 2021.

At the end of January, a live-streaming demonstration of a recipe made with Japanese rice flour was held.

The program was very interesting and included a question-and-answer session with the participants using a zoom device.

The lecturer, Mr. Voh, who runs a gluten-free bakery in Berlin, gave a demonstration.

He presented his recipes within a 70-minute time frame. The baguettes, cookies, and matcha rolls tasted so much better than anything I could have imagined, much better than anything made with wheat!

This project was conducted at the request of JFOODO, a private organization that provides pre-lotion of Japanese food ingredients.

去る1月末、日本の米粉で作るレシピの実演会をライブストリーミングで配信 を実施ました。





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